Purenergies is all aspects of people's holistic needs includes physical, energy, psychological, should be taken into account. Purenergies concentrates on touch healing, pressure points, and energy healing such as; Crystal therapy, Radionics, as well as Pranic, Qigone (Or 'Chi'), Ruache, Reiki, and more. The physical part of the therapy are the following; Cranial massage involves light hand contact on the bones of the skull, which offers relief for symptoms of stress and tension. Pressure point therapy is treating the body at specific points located in the hands, feet, face, ears, neck, and head. With these combined therapies according to your needs, is seen as a whole.

Frank Marks

Purenergies owner Frank Marks as been involved in holistic health and wellness for over 45 years. Hebegan in health and wellness when he was mentored in 1968 by Dr. Schroeder in Chiropractic. In the early 1970's he was medical staff and while being in the mainstream medical field, he continued energy training, in dowsing and the holistic health field where he studied under Dr. John Thie and Dr. Goodhart involving 'Touch for Health' Kineseology. In the late 1980's Mr. Marks had his own massage practice as well, and continues today as a private holistic practitioner. Mr. Marks has also been featured in the 2013 book about The greatest lightworkers of our time "Directory & international rank of the U.S. & the world's best psychics mediums healers astrologers & lightworkers Vol. 2" by Maximillien de Lafayette.

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