Hot Gemstone Healing Therapy


Hot Gemstone Healing Therapy is unique to any other types massage healing therapy. Each person has different types of lives and different physical activities. So each Hot Gemstone Healing Therapy is tailored to the individual and their needs at the time. There are two important levels of therapy. One is the physical level, the other is the energy level. The physical portion of the therapy is the treatment of the body by the certain placement of hot gemstones on the pressure points of the body to release stress and relax muscles. Then application of massage therapies with the gemstones that incorporate different important techniques such as Ancient Amma Massage, Myofascial, Neuromuscular Therapy, and Acupressure. This is all combined with our complimentary aromatherapy, combining Abhyanga Therapy, incorporating essential massage oils.

For the second level is the energy healing, a QiGong type of technique is used. Each of the hot gemstones has different frequency resonances, and a certain energy resonance that has a specific healing energy. These two levels combined is a complete healing and rejuvenation experience.

The power of these physical and energy restorative therapies, makes Hot Gemstone Healing Therapy a most unique form of treatment; Physical healing, rejuvenative, health restoring, and energy-balance healing for the physical body and the inner emotional energy, different than any othe type of holisitc therapy.

Gemstones - What they do.

Each gemstone has a different frequency resonance. The frequency resonance 'Energy' that emits from the gemstone has a certain healing effect on the person having the therapy. Here are some of the gemstones we use in Hot Gemstone Healing Therapy, and what each one does.

Blue Apatite Blue Apatiteis a blue stone that increases motivational energy reserves. It also reduces irritability and emotional exhaustion, and helps elininate blockages and congestion in all Chakras.

Amethyst Amethystis a purple tone stone that is for cell-division, helps with alcohol detoxification, boosts hormones, stimulates sympathetic nervous system and endocrine glands, and supports the blood, digestive tract, heart, stomach, and skin.

Clear Quartz Quartzis a clear stone and is the 'Master' healer. Amplifier of power, energy, emotional balance, healing promoting confidence and intuition.

Labradorite Labradoriteis a multi-colored stone relieves stress, helps respitory complaints including; Bronchitis, Colds, and Sinus. Also useful in the treatment for PMT, aiding metabolsim and digestion. It also acts as a relief for pain.

Green Moss Agate Agateis a green stone that resembles tree moss, promotes balance, enduring energy, and grounding ability. It helps to correct imbalances between the two sides of the brain, xxx strength, and increases creativity.

Ocean Jasper Jasperis a multi-colored stone and considered highly restorative for tissue degeneration, and draining of lymph system of toxins. It also promotes the absorbtion of vitamins and minerals.

Petrified Wood Woodis a stone that is of ancient wood has an extremely grounding energy. It is believed to restore physical energy, promote strength in bones, and relieve pain.

Tiger Eye Tigeris a golden-colored stone is said to build emotional energy, personal power, as well as healing and balancing the solarplexus, mental clarity, and grounding.

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